We Heart Japan Postcard

We Heart Japan Postcard

Date: February 17, 2012 (Friday)

Time: 7:00pm – 10:00pm
Location: Pandora Karaoke, San Francisco, CA
Price: $40 per person, limit two purchases per person

Q: What is included in the price?
A: You will enjoy a three-hour karaoke box session with Stephanie and Cristina where you can sing and hear others sing. You will also get a souvenir from the event, an exclusive, limited edition We Heart Japan postcard specially illustrated by Hiroyuki Imaishi (director of Gurren Lagann).

Q: Will the voice actors sing with me?
A: They are willing to sing if they know the song.

Q: Can I take pictures during the event?
A: You can take pictures, but absolutely no video/sound recording is allowed. Anyone caught recording will be asked to leave immediately.

Q: Can I ask for autographs before, during, or after the event?
A: Due to time and locations constraints, unfortunately the voice actors cannot give autographs. However, the souvenir postcards you receive will have autographs from both voice actors.

Q: Who can I contact to get more information?
A: Please email us at weheartjapancharity@gmail.com.


About Stephanie Sheh

Stephanie Sheh

Stephanie Sheh

Stephanie Sheh is known for voicing roles such as Hinata in “Naruto,” Orihime in “Bleach,” Mikuru in “The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya,” Eureka in “Eureka 7,” and Mamimi in “FLCL.” She’s currently voicing in Audrey in “Gundam Unicorn” and Yui in “K-on!” in which she gets to go to conventions singing in Japanese. When she was in college Stephanie spent her free time learning anime theme songs phonetically and singing them. She also works as a voice director for the videogame franchise “Resident Evil” in which she’s the current voice of Rebecca Chambers.

For more information about Stephanie’s career follow her on twitter or join her facebook fanpage.


About Cristina Vee

Cristina Vee is an actress known for her work in animation and video games. She has had much success as a voice over actor with leading roles in anime such as Tekken: Blood Vengeance (Alisa), K-ON! (Mio), The Familiar of Zero (Louise), and Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha (Nanoha). She is widely known as the voice of Noel Vermillion, Nu-12, Lambda-11, and Mu-13 in the Blazblue frachise. Other credits include roles in Dynasty Warriors 7 (Lian Shi), Sakura Wars (Anri Yoshino), Rune Factory Frontier (Cinnamon), Ar Tonelico Qoga (Saki, Sarapatra, Filament, Sakia), and Hyperdimension Neptunia (Compa). She is currently directing the voice over for the already popular indie fighter Skullgirls.

Cristina also gathered a following after posting videos on YouTube. Her songs have garnered over ten million views on her channels alone. She released her first single, a theme song for an English language dating sim, “Remember Me” on iTunes last May with new songs in the works to be released in the near future.. Her singing can also be heard in K-ON! volumes 2,3, 4, and her version of “Super Driver” can be heard in an episode of the ASOS Brigade in the Haruhi Suzumiya: Season 2 DVDs. In the past she sang in Broccoli’s DUP USA. She is currently promoting K-ON! with live concerts featuring the English voice over actresses of the series’ main cast.

On camera, she hosted season 2 of AnimeTV, played the live version of Haruhi Suzumiya in the ASOS Brigade season 2, and starred in the full length feature Broken Spirits.

For further credits and information, please check out Cristina’s wikipedia entry.

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